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1 Arm & Hammer Fresh 360° Toothbrush Puppy/Small



1  Arm & Hammer Fresh 360° Toothbrush Puppy/Small

Ref: 667045

CLEAN TEETH & REDUCE PLAQUE AND TARTAR - the most effective way to clean your dog's teeth - the 360 toothbrush's clever design means it effectively cleans teeth from all angles. REVOLUTIONARY TIME-SAVING - 360° toothbrush, drastically reducing cleaning
time required as the brush cleans multiple surfaces at once. UNIQUE DESIGN - The specially shaped head allows cleaning of different size and shape of teeth, enabling an efficient and effective tooth clean. EASY TO HOLD - The Arm & Hammer toothbrush,
features a soft rubber grip, which makes the toothbrush easier to hold and use. SUITABLE FOR ALL PUPPIES & SMALL DOGS - The The Arm & Hammer dental care range provides owners with effortless ways to care for their pet's teeth and gums and has been used
for over 150 years.

SSP 5.99
Price: 5.99 (Including VAT at 20%)